Saturday, June 24, 2017

Drenaline Surf: Paperback Updates

I've had waaaay more inquiries about paperback versions of WITH YOU AROUND than I ever imagined I'd receive. I didn't realize so many of you guys had this series in print! That's awesome! Here's an update on what's going on with the cover situations.

1) I just submitted the files for the paperback version of WYA this morning. It usually takes about 24 hours before it lets me approve it. I will be ordering a proof copy to make sure everything is correct before approving it on the site. This usually takes about a week, and assuming I won't have to make any changes, the book will be live shortly after. If something is off kilter or looks poorly, I will edit the cover and resubmit again.

2) E-book covers have been updated across the grid.

3) Unfortunately, I will have to change the paperback covers to match the new e-book covers. While stalking sites waiting for the e-books to change, I realized that some sites automatically pull the paperback cover (B&N for instance, Amazon is back and forth). Because I plan on doing a boost in marketing later this year and early in 2018, I need the covers to match everywhere. I don't want readers to search for a book and see a different cover, which could confuse some people.

This is what my game plan is to find a happy medium. The current covers will be updated to match the new e-books in a few weeks, but I will keep a book on the Createspace site that has the old covers of the books. This way, readers can still order it if they choose to, although it will have to be via Createspace or me personally instead of a retail site. (It's either this option or retire the old covers completely, so I'm taking this route.)

CFD, RW, and AS are all still available in their original covers (and WYA will be for a few weeks), and they've been marked down for the month of June to the minimum price I must charge for them (per Createspace), so now is definitely the time to grab them if you want them!

I know some people are sad to see the old covers go, but I've already seen a massive increase in free CFD downloads due to the cover change, so it's definitely on the upswing! This has been the best move for this series and future series to thrive, and I am only disappointed in myself for not doing it sooner.

Thank you all again for ALL of your Drenaline Surf love, and I'll update across social media once the WYA print version is live on retail sites!

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